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    We are a family run Carpet, Rug and Upholstery cleaning business based in and covering West Cornwall, offering carpet, rug or upholstered furniture cleaning for your home or business.
    Unlike many franchises tied into using 1 system, we don't just offer one way to clean a carpet there are several ways and it all depends on your requirements and the condition of the carpet. We can use Hot water extraction, Organic dry cleaning and VLM (very low moisture or bonnet cleaning)

We are a family run Carpet, Rug and Upholstery cleaning business based in and covering West Cornwall. Contact us

We are a family run Carpet, Rug and Upholstery cleaning business based in and covering West Cornwall. Offering carpet, rug or upholstered furniture cleaning for your home or business.

We don’t just offer one way to clean a carpet there are several ways and it all depends on your requirements and the condition of the carpet. 

Our fully trained and insured staff are equally at home in domestic and commercial settings and have all the experience required to properly utilise the top of the range equipment we have invested in. Shoreshine offers three different styles of carpet cleaning, each with their own advantages.

  1. Hot water extraction cleaning – Using the most powerful Cub and Iextreme extraction machines which significantly increases the drying times of the carpet – average from 1 to 2 hours. 

  2. Organic dry carpet cleaning – Kind to the environment and No waiting for drying

  3. or alternatively VLM (very low moisture or bonnet cleaning) – great for commercial carpets and for maintenance cleaning

Advantages to our different carpet cleaning methods:

Our most popular is Hot Water Extraction (HWE) provides the deepest clean possible and will have your carpets dry and ready to walk on in only one to two hours. Our organic dry carpet cleaning service will have your carpets dry and ready to use as soon as we have finished our work, which is ideal for those unexpected stains and marks that need attention quickly. The final method we use- Very Low Moisture cleaning- offers great value for money and is often the preferred method for customers looking for regular maintenance cleaning in large commercial environments such as hotels and conference venues.

Why choose Shoreshine?

We really appreciate your support of our local, family run business and can offer you the reassurance of experience, training and quality equipment. Here are some more benefits.

  1. Real Value for money

  2. High standard results

  3. Fast drying times

  4. Professional and prompt service

  5. Curtious and conscientious

  6. Fully trained and Insured

  7. Approved member of TACCA

  8. The latest and best in carpet cleaning machines

Now I could go on but you get the idea we are competent in what we do!


Carpet cleaning

How do i book my cleaning service?

Once you have appointed Shoreshine to clean your carpets or upholstery an appointment time is made. On the day of cleaning we ask you to remove small items from the rooms to be cleaned – such as ornaments, plants, photographs etc. On arrival Shoreshine will move any furniture (if possible) that may obstruct a thorough clean. Our Carpet & Upholstery Inspection survey and cleaning adheres to The British Standards Institute PAS 86 2008, through our training provided by The Prochem National Training Academy

What is your cleaning process (hot water extraction)

The Shoreshine cleaning process starts with a dry vacuum to remove surface dirt such as crumbs, hairs and grit etc. Followed by a cleaning test in an unseen area which is a stipulation of our insurers. Individual marks and heavily soiled areas are hand treated and then a pre-cleaning solution is applied.

Using our own experience we will then select the best method to clean your carpet. During the process we may use a sanitiser, an optical brightener, a scent neutraliser, conditioning agents and rinse agents.

Do you offer stain protection?

Carpet & Upholstery Stain Protection

After cleaning why not have your carpet or furniture stain guarded to prolong and protect your investment. So whether you have a house, bungalow, flat, office, shop or hotel we can help. It takes just one call and you will be looked after.

Do you offer eco cleaning solutions?

Eco cleaning – Wherever possible we use eco friendly cleaning products for the benefit of the environment.

Service coverage available: Professional carpet cleaning Angarrack, domestic carpet cleaning Carbis Bay, carpet cleaning St Ives, domestic carpet cleaning Hayle, home carpet cleaning Helston, carpet cleaning Porthleven, house carpet cleaning Porkellis, home carpet cleaning Redruth, carpet cleaning Camborne, carpet cleaning Penzance

How much do you charge?

How much do you charge?

We understand that cost is an important factor when looking for a quality carpet cleaner, every job we do is priced to its own specifications.

Location, Size,  carpet or upholsery type, stain or soiling levels all play a factor in pricing…  For a free consoltation call us we are happy to give estimates over the phone or visit for a confirmed price.

Do you do End of Tenancy carpet cleaning ?

Yes we do, we work for several well known estate agents. We also do carpet cleans direct for the tenants whether you are moving in or moving out of the rental property.

We are insured for key handling, so we could collect key’s from the estate agents to gain access and will lock up and secure the property.

Are you insured?

Yes we are insured for

-£5 Million Public Liability

-Employers Liability

-Damage to property being worked upon

-Treatment Risks

-Loss of keys / keycards

Please check other companies that quote for you carry this level of insurance, some will only list a basic Public Liability so your home or work place will not be covered for damage.

Will the stain in my carpet come out?

Stains in carpets : Depending on how long the stain has been in the carpet and what caused the stain and how it was treated upon the first instance will reflect on if the stain is removable or not.

Usual stains Tea, Coffee Wine and Curry all contain dyes that could permanently mark the carpet especially if its wool or a wool mix.

I have attended an Advanced Stain Treatment  Course which not all carpet cleaners have done, so there is a good chance of stain removal but No guarantee is given.

Do you clean caravan interiors?

Yes we do, whether you have a 2 berth or 8 berth we can clean the upholstery, carpets and mattresses.

One caravan or static holiday home or a full holiday park we welcome your custom.


Do you do Rug Cleaning?

Yes we do

If you have a small rug thats easily transportable we would be able to collect, clean and return your rug within a time frame of 48 hours.

If you have a large rug we would clean it on site and turbo dry.

Rug Cleaning in Cornwall

Rug Cleaning in Cornwall

Do you use a Rug Doctor?

shoreshineAbsolutely Not

We use industrial professional extraction equipment, which is far superior to Rug Doctor, Bissell and domestic carpet cleaners.

Our machine is that good we can operate it from our custom fitted van to your home or business, sometimes operating from over 100 feet away. We even have our own water supply on board.


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